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Second to the Right

And straight on 'til morning

Peter Pan Role Playing
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Loved the Peter Pan movie and books? This role playing game is loosely based on the 2003 Peter Pan movie! Everyone is welcomed! You can be a character from the book or movie or make up your own! Just fill out this small questionnaire about your character and jump into the story! Please make each entry friends only and only write for your character!

To get to know each other and OOC talk, please go to our other community, peterpan_ooc.

Please bold the questions (<*b*>Like this without the stars)

1. Real Name:
2. Character Name:
3. Age:
4. Indian, Pirate, Lost Child, Mermaid, other:
5. Appearance:
6. Special Abilities:

Peter Pan: glamrockstar
Tinker Bell: school_brat
Wendy: peters_lostgirl
Hook: silly_walk
Tiger Lily: hermione115
Slightly: blinkster4life
Wolf (Hook's finace): peterpanswench
Sasha (Lost Girl): glamrockstar
Trinity (Mermaid): dreamsickle


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