Jen (sight) wrote in peterpan_rpg,

Cap'n Hook

1. Real Name: Aya

2. Character Name: Captain James Hook, Peter Pan killer extraordinaire

3. Age: Secret, you mongrel!

4. Indian, Pirate, Lost Child, Mermaid, other: Captain of the Jolly Roger, an oh so fearsome pirate

5. Appearance: A tall dark figure, lips constantly twisted down in a frown, the result of being a miserable, lonely man, forsaken by women and any format of love. Devillishly pale eyes that seek the blood of Peter Pan, sworn enemy. His black locks top the matted down features of the adult, forever bearded and unshaven. A curled mustatche fashionably styled, so that the tips point upright. His trademark is his right hand, or nonexistant right hand, rather. A dangerous hook replacing where the nimble digits once flared out. Hence his name, "Hook".

6. Special Abilities: Swordplay of many types, and a hook for a hand.

(i will get a hook icon eventually...)
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