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FishGuts Lover! a.k.a Krysta


"Come on boys lets go out and have us a game with the Indians!" Slightly said over breakfast. All the boys raised thier voices in cheers of excitment. After eat breakfast the boys slowly made thier way through the hidden path which was thier Secret Way of sneaking up on the Indians."Ok" slightly whispered "now we gotta do this right, last time they saw it coming, this time they wont" and slightly drew a very complex stratagy on the dirt as the lost boys crowded around it. "Got it, you guys...Twins, you jump from the tall pine oaks...Tootles you come from The Big Orange rock, Curly you from the Tall Rhino grass. Got it all? allright lets' go!" and withthat the boys all silently went to thier attack posts. Slightly watching Princess Tiger Lilly from his hole in a Tall Spring Tree. They were all told to count to 50, then attack. "42...43...44..." slightly counted in his head. At 50 Slightly leapt from the hole and Pounced on Tiger Lilly, who quickly dodged his attack and Pushed to to the ground. All around him were Battle Cries from both the lost boys and the Indians. Slightly grabbed Tiger Lilly's foot and brought her crashing to the ground, then he kneeled on her arms so she could not hit him. With her feet she Grabbed him around the neck and flipped him over. Then Tiger LillyTied Slightly's legs together. Feeling Triumph, Tiger Lilly Raised her hands in the air and cheered. It was Slightly's only chance. He rached for Tiger Lilly's Knife, Quickly cut his legs free then Jumped on her back and brought her to the ground, face first and Knowcked out cold from the heavy fall. Feeling slightly guilty for Hurting Tiger Lilly, Slightly only Loosly tied her so as not to hurt her anymore. He looked around. The rest of the Lost boys had tied up thier Indians. They had Won this round. Once all the Indians had come around from being Knocked out, the Lost boys released them. As a prize for winning, they were all given A Necklace made of stone, of which animal they represent. The Twins were given Matching Racoon pendents because they were so Quick and Nimble. Tootles was Given a Bear Pendent because he was the Biggest and strongest of the lost boys. Curly was given a Rabbit because of his skittish yet determained persona. and last but not least slighlty was Given a Fox Pendent because he was ever so cunning and Smart. with thier Pride boosted and thier new Animal pendents they walked back to the tree and entered, very tired. not even Bothering to put on thier night clothes. Fell right to sleep in thier beds.
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