FishGuts Lover! a.k.a Krysta (blinkster4life) wrote in peterpan_rpg,
FishGuts Lover! a.k.a Krysta

;a dee da

(Real Name) Krysta
(Character Name) Slightly
(Age) 9
(Indian, Pirate, Lost Child, Mermaid, Other) Lost Child
(Appearance) Short young lad with Dark brown hair, Green eyes.
(Special Abilities) Excellent Marksmen with a Bow and Arrow. Never missed a target yet! Leader of the lost boys (After peter pan of course!)
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Welcome! I'm waiting for Peter to come, but you can jump in and maybe have an adventure with Wolf? I do want to try and stay as close as possible to the movie version though.
Ok kewl, no prob. thanks for welcoming me.