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1. Real Name: Erin
2. Character Name: Smee
3. Age: old. real old. quite possibly senile
4. Indian, Pirate, Lost Child, Mermaid, other: Pirate, Hook's bo'sun. (hook's equivilant to first mate.)
5. Appearance: "oddly genial man who stabbed, so to speak, without offence, and was the only nonconformist in Hook's crew". short, round, has small silver specticals on the edge of his nose which he always wipes after killing. he has short pepper grey hair, clean shaven. he wears a over-streched red cap on his head which he says is a gift from his mother so he will never take it off, but the crew suspects the real reason is that it's hiding his bald spot. his face goes all red and puffy after walking/fighting/anything for too long.
6. Special Abilities: terribly terribly pathetic. he is completely disalusioned (sp?) about how pathetic he really is. his cutlass is named Johnny Corkscrew, because he wiggled it in the wound. Is terrific at sewing and secretly knits.
NOTE: due to smee's denile, i'll probably be twisting the events into his perspective. i don't know how pathetic you want smee to be, but i'll just play off everyone else. the more pathetic you make smee in your pov, the more fun it is for me.
and yes, i'll get a smee icon soon.
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