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A blubbering voice answered almost immediately,"Yes Capt'n?!" The chubby man scrambled to the side of Hook's table, as Hook raised himself from his desk, and declared loudly,"I am bored, Smee! I need to shoot something. ROUND UP THE MEN. We're going children hunting!"

Smee clapped his hands together,"Aye aye Capt'n!" he shouted, moving quickly towards the door. Unfortunately that was were Hook landed his step, reflexively, Hook's hand shot out and Smee collided smack into the palm of his Captain's good hand, bouncing backwards, and onto the floor. Ignoring his fallen companion/servant, he dashed out onto deck, as Smee followed, shouting,"We're going to hunt the children! We're going to hunt the children!"

A unanimous cheer came from the dirty pirates, shouting with energy that built from alcohol and too much gun powder. A smug smile dawned upon Hook's lips, as he charged into the kitchen. His features were nonchalant as he stared at the newcomer, sitting beside Wolf.

It had been Wolf's beauty that caught him. Truly. He felt the physical attraction that of a man, and it drew him to her. Yes. He would make him be with her. There was no choice in the matter. Pale eyes whisked upon her friend,"You may stay. But if anything happens to you..." He gave a shrug,"I won't stop it from happening."

A grin, looking over to Wolf,"And I doubt your little dagger will stop my men, either....darling." A private snort, as he exited the kitchen, hand clasping hook, behind his back. Ah....the life of a pirate....was excellent. Children hunting....yes.

- - -

OOC: (i'm apologize in advance if i sound mean...) Please don't control any character, but your own. I know I'm not a's really annoying to find my character somewhere I didn't put him.

...And also, I was asked to play Smee...until one comes along, just so you know.

...And yes, that is a pink cannon on my icon. XD
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