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[26 Apr 2005|09:32pm]

count me out until this gets going. i would of posted on the ooc but no one finished their part last year in my joining that one.
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[14 Nov 2004|09:53am]

Tiger Lily came running down the hills. She was looking for Peter. Then she found some of the lost boys in the forest.
-Do some of you know where Peter is? It's really important, I really need to talk to him.
She looked with big hopefully eyes at the lost boys.
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[13 Nov 2004|03:57pm]

Curley stepped forword. "Was Mine Peter" he replied softly..tembling from head to foot. He pulled out an arrow and held it to peter and knelt on one knee "Here peter, let you strike true to my heart". Slightly stepped forword. "Peter Please! Do not punish poor curley, he didn't know That this wendy bird was infact no bird at all. I mean to say I knew at once she was, but Before i could stop him he had fired. It was Tink, she told us that you ordered this wendy bird to be killed" slightly said.

(ooc- I put that little part about him already knowing it wasn't a bird cause in the book it goes on about how Slightly is a know it all and always has to be right and the best and stuff. heh.)
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Character [13 Nov 2004|08:56am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

(<*b*>1. Real Name: Elizabeth
2. Character Name: Tiger Lily
3. Age: 11-12
4. Indian
5. Appearance:Long brown hair, brown eyes, painted face, beautiful
6. Special Abilities: Good at hunting, hiding, she is a good friend</b>)

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Hook [08 Oct 2004|03:43pm]

Hook pulled himself out of the Sedan chair and on to the sopping wet ground. The clumps of snow were turning into pools of water underneath his feet, leaving them cold and heavy. Looking up through the canopy, he grinned the most dark malevolent grin he could muster.
"Pan's back."
A cheer sounded from the wet pirates, "To the Roger!". Hook raised his hook for silence.
"We won't have any cover to reach her." You could see the wheels grinding behind Hook's ice blue eyes. "We'll signal for Tom from the Lagoon." He stepped daintily back into the chair. "MOVE."
As dogs this terrible man treated and addressed them, and as dogs they obeyed him. [1]

[1] JMB
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new character [04 Sep 2004|08:33am]

I would like to take on a new charater

1. Real Name: Rachel
2. Character Name: Princess Tiger Lily
3. Age: around 14 or 15
4. Indian, Pirate, Lost Child, Mermaid, other: Indian
5. Appearance: long brown hair and brown eyes. has face paint on alot of the time.
6. Special Abilities: very good at hunting and things of other sorts
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Rawr hook. [04 Aug 2004|10:44pm]

He was standing at the starboard of the ship, glaring out towards the land as it got closer. And closer. He could almost smell the children's blood. A crooked, semi-deranged smile touched his lips,"Oh children, children do run..." A chuckle to himself,"Run as fast as you can. Make at least some sport."

A grunt from some of the men as they begun lowering the plank on the land. A step closer to finding the children. A step closer to killing the children. And destroying every reminant that they ever had existed. So they would exist no more.

- - -

OOC: Sorry for the delay, I had gone away for the weekend on short notice.
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Adventure [04 Aug 2004|08:50pm]

"Come on boys lets go out and have us a game with the Indians!" Slightly said over breakfast. All the boys raised thier voices in cheers of excitment. After eat breakfast the boys slowly made thier way through the hidden path which was thier Secret Way of sneaking up on the Indians."Ok" slightly whispered "now we gotta do this right, last time they saw it coming, this time they wont" and slightly drew a very complex stratagy on the dirt as the lost boys crowded around it. "Got it, you guys...Twins, you jump from the tall pine oaks...Tootles you come from The Big Orange rock, Curly you from the Tall Rhino grass. Got it all? allright lets' go!" and withthat the boys all silently went to thier attack posts. Slightly watching Princess Tiger Lilly from his hole in a Tall Spring Tree. They were all told to count to 50, then attack. "42...43...44..." slightly counted in his head. At 50 Slightly leapt from the hole and Pounced on Tiger Lilly, who quickly dodged his attack and Pushed to to the ground. All around him were Battle Cries from both the lost boys and the Indians. Slightly grabbed Tiger Lilly's foot and brought her crashing to the ground, then he kneeled on her arms so she could not hit him. With her feet she Grabbed him around the neck and flipped him over. Then Tiger LillyTied Slightly's legs together. Feeling Triumph, Tiger Lilly Raised her hands in the air and cheered. It was Slightly's only chance. He rached for Tiger Lilly's Knife, Quickly cut his legs free then Jumped on her back and brought her to the ground, face first and Knowcked out cold from the heavy fall. Feeling slightly guilty for Hurting Tiger Lilly, Slightly only Loosly tied her so as not to hurt her anymore. He looked around. The rest of the Lost boys had tied up thier Indians. They had Won this round. Once all the Indians had come around from being Knocked out, the Lost boys released them. As a prize for winning, they were all given A Necklace made of stone, of which animal they represent. The Twins were given Matching Racoon pendents because they were so Quick and Nimble. Tootles was Given a Bear Pendent because he was the Biggest and strongest of the lost boys. Curly was given a Rabbit because of his skittish yet determained persona. and last but not least slighlty was Given a Fox Pendent because he was ever so cunning and Smart. with thier Pride boosted and thier new Animal pendents they walked back to the tree and entered, very tired. not even Bothering to put on thier night clothes. Fell right to sleep in thier beds.
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[23 Jul 2004|08:37pm]

Wolf heard all the yelling outside, and left Sasha to eat as she investigated, she came up behind Smee just as he made his little comment.
"Oh, I suppose we'll have to get you off the ship too then, eh?" she grinned, resting her arm on his shoulder and looking down at him with an eyebrow cocked and her signature smirk. "What's with all this?" she said, questioning all his orders to the crew.
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[21 Jul 2004|09:44pm]

She glared as he left and spit, flicked her hair and slammed her fist down on the table. "We'll see what my "little" dagger soes if I shove it into your heart-that is, if you have one. Avoid them at all costs, good for nothing but a one night stand and you never know what that will leave you with so it's pretty much not even worth the risk-well, depending on the guy. Ah, hell, why I am talking to you like this, you're just a kid. I dunno, I haven't been around women much lately, it's just...odd. And when I was around women, it was these really quiet women in the tribe I was raised in. I don't know why I'm blabbering to you, but as you can see, the conversations here are pretty much me watching them watch me." she sighed and threw herself down into the chair and put her feet up on the table, taking out her flash and taking a deep sip.
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S'mee! [21 Jul 2004|12:40pm]

1. Real Name: Erin
2. Character Name: Smee
3. Age: old. real old. quite possibly senile
4. Indian, Pirate, Lost Child, Mermaid, other: Pirate, Hook's bo'sun. (hook's equivilant to first mate.)
5. Appearance: "oddly genial man who stabbed, so to speak, without offence, and was the only nonconformist in Hook's crew". short, round, has small silver specticals on the edge of his nose which he always wipes after killing. he has short pepper grey hair, clean shaven. he wears a over-streched red cap on his head which he says is a gift from his mother so he will never take it off, but the crew suspects the real reason is that it's hiding his bald spot. his face goes all red and puffy after walking/fighting/anything for too long.
6. Special Abilities: terribly terribly pathetic. he is completely disalusioned (sp?) about how pathetic he really is. his cutlass is named Johnny Corkscrew, because he wiggled it in the wound. Is terrific at sewing and secretly knits.
NOTE: due to smee's denile, i'll probably be twisting the events into his perspective. i don't know how pathetic you want smee to be, but i'll just play off everyone else. the more pathetic you make smee in your pov, the more fun it is for me.
and yes, i'll get a smee icon soon.
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Hook. [21 Jul 2004|12:12am]

[ mood | annoyed ]


A blubbering voice answered almost immediately,"Yes Capt'n?!" The chubby man scrambled to the side of Hook's table, as Hook raised himself from his desk, and declared loudly,"I am bored, Smee! I need to shoot something. ROUND UP THE MEN. We're going children hunting!"

Smee clapped his hands together,"Aye aye Capt'n!" he shouted, moving quickly towards the door. Unfortunately that was were Hook landed his step, reflexively, Hook's hand shot out and Smee collided smack into the palm of his Captain's good hand, bouncing backwards, and onto the floor. Ignoring his fallen companion/servant, he dashed out onto deck, as Smee followed, shouting,"We're going to hunt the children! We're going to hunt the children!"

A unanimous cheer came from the dirty pirates, shouting with energy that built from alcohol and too much gun powder. A smug smile dawned upon Hook's lips, as he charged into the kitchen. His features were nonchalant as he stared at the newcomer, sitting beside Wolf.

It had been Wolf's beauty that caught him. Truly. He felt the physical attraction that of a man, and it drew him to her. Yes. He would make him be with her. There was no choice in the matter. Pale eyes whisked upon her friend,"You may stay. But if anything happens to you..." He gave a shrug,"I won't stop it from happening."

A grin, looking over to Wolf,"And I doubt your little dagger will stop my men, either....darling." A private snort, as he exited the kitchen, hand clasping hook, behind his back. Ah....the life of a pirate....was excellent. Children hunting....yes.

- - -

OOC: (i'm apologize in advance if i sound mean...) Please don't control any character, but your own. I know I'm not a mod...but...it's really annoying to find my character somewhere I didn't put him.

...And also, I was asked to play Smee...until one comes along, just so you know.

...And yes, that is a pink cannon on my icon. XD

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[20 Jul 2004|01:20pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Wolf led Sasha aboard the ship, and looked at all the surprised pirates with her chin up and no fear. "She's with me, any of you go near her, I put my dagger in your throat, got it?" Hook watched her from his doorway and smirked, she was all his, all of that fire and anger. He would make her love him, he would show Peter he may be old but he was not alone and definately not done for. Wolf felt his eyes on her and quickly slammed the door to the kitchen after pulling Sasha in. "Be careful around the men, this isn't much of a place for a girl. You sit down while I get this skinned and on the fire."

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Cap'n Hook [19 Jul 2004|11:58am]

1. Real Name: Aya

2. Character Name: Captain James Hook, Peter Pan killer extraordinaire

3. Age: Secret, you mongrel!

4. Indian, Pirate, Lost Child, Mermaid, other: Captain of the Jolly Roger, an oh so fearsome pirate

5. Appearance: A tall dark figure, lips constantly twisted down in a frown, the result of being a miserable, lonely man, forsaken by women and any format of love. Devillishly pale eyes that seek the blood of Peter Pan, sworn enemy. His black locks top the matted down features of the adult, forever bearded and unshaven. A curled mustatche fashionably styled, so that the tips point upright. His trademark is his right hand, or nonexistant right hand, rather. A dangerous hook replacing where the nimble digits once flared out. Hence his name, "Hook".

6. Special Abilities: Swordplay of many types, and a hook for a hand.

(i will get a hook icon eventually...)
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TINKERBELL [17 Jul 2004|11:52am]


1. Real Name: Rachel 2. Character Name: Tinkerbell 3. Age: Unknown ((if not please let me know)) <b></b>4. Indian, Pirate, Lost Child, Mermaid, other:</b></b> Fearie or Faerie ((i keep forgeting how to spell it)) 5. Appearance: Hair up in a bun, wears a green dress with green shoes (or yellow) with wings 6. Special Abilities: can fly and has a trail of pixie dust that follows her where she goes.

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[16 Jul 2004|11:49pm]

Slightly had been ever so bored the night peter left to find the ending for the beautiful story of cinderella. Out of all of the lost boys, slightly had always been the most interested in the stories peter told. He would sit in his bed and stare fixedly onto peter until the story thus far had been told. When peter said he would be leaving to find the rest of the story, Slightly was so excited. so now here he was. watching curly and tootles fight over who was the strongest. "I could take them both on anyday" thought slightly. but he dare not. A sudden thought struck slightly. "If cinderella had a fairy god mother who granted her wishes mabey i do too!". To think more of this subject slightly proceeded outside. once outside, and making sure he was alone he called out "Fairy god mother! Fairy god mother! are you there?". no responce met his ears. he called again, and again...no responce. Slightly turned to walk back inside when a sudden movement caught his eye. He saw what looked like a shooting star. "Peter!!" cried out Slightly. He ran back inside and shouted "Yo Ho! Peter is back and he has come to tell us what happens to Cinderella!!". The lost boys all cheered. And so they sat back into thier beds awaiting peter's arrival unto which to hear the story.

( i know, kinda lame, but eh, it's something for them to do)
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Last OOC post! [16 Jul 2004|07:19am]

Hey guys! I set up an OOC community where we can talk! Please join and from now on, no more OOC convos here! (Except for conversations)

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[15 Jul 2004|01:14pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

You see...Collapse )

Peter!Collapse )

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[14 Jul 2004|12:54pm]

1. Real Name: Diane
2. Character Name: Sasha
3. Age: 10 years old for this
4. Indian, Pirate, Lost Child, Mermaid, other: Illegitimate daughter of a pirate. Spends her whole life seeking revenge for being neglected. Joins the forces of Peter Pan for that exact reason.
5. Appearance: short in height, skinny, has long blond hair and green eyes.
6. Special Abilities: excellent in the skills of sword-fighting, archery, and is a natural swimmer.

((I could also create a new screen name for this character if you like))
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;a dee da [13 Jul 2004|09:48pm]

(Real Name) Krysta
(Character Name) Slightly
(Age) 9
(Indian, Pirate, Lost Child, Mermaid, Other) Lost Child
(Appearance) Short young lad with Dark brown hair, Green eyes.
(Special Abilities) Excellent Marksmen with a Bow and Arrow. Never missed a target yet! Leader of the lost boys (After peter pan of course!)
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